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  • Mastro’s Delights is a home bakery following Florida’s cottage bakery laws located in Northeast Florida. While we specialize in custom decorated sugar cookies and custom cakes, we also offer cupcakes, pies, French macaroons, and several chocolate dipped desserts.

  • So where did the name come from? We were always the ones responsible for desserts at any family get together. Friends and family would ask us to make this or that at the holidays. When my brother/ son was stationed overseas for the holidays we started “Treats for Troops” and would send goody baskets full of homemade baked goods. At some point a family member just kind of named all of it “Mastro’s Delights” and it stuck.

Courtney's Story

Hey Sugar lovers, my name is Courtney. I’m one half of the mother-daughter team that makes up Mastro’s Delights. Baking was always a hobby and a way for us to bond. Friends and family kept telling us “You guys should really start selling this stuff,” However, it was just for fun, and I had other plans. I went to college for Marine biology, got a dream job after college. Unfortunately, a few years and a few shoulder surgeries later I was told I couldn’t do what I loved anymore…  Guess what? That’s okay because now I get to turn another love (baking) into a really sweet job! *Pun intended

Added bonus—I don’t have to have a shoulder replacement at 30 and I get to eat any mistakes I make!


Shawn's Story

Hello, I'm Shawn and I'm the mother half of this team! 

My passion for baking came from a babysitter that taught me cake decorating at a young age. Fast forward to my own kids and I was fortunate enough to pass that onto my daughter and share my love for baking with her. Some of the best memories with friends and family have us gathered around the kitchen baking and eating! Especially at the holidays! 

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